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Miniway Overhead.jpg
Miniway Overhead.jpg


Kingsport Mini-Way was built in the early 1990's in heart of East Tennessee by businessman Joe Loven who also owned Kingsport Speedway at the time. He used part of the property to build the little bullring we call Kingsport Mini-way. He was the creator of the Mini-Cup cars and they were built and sold in the Mini-Way building behind the track.


After the track closed in 2002 It had set dormant for 18 years. When businessmen Keith and Ervin Stiltner purchased the property in 2019, work began on resurrecting Kingsport Mini-Way once again. With the huge undertaking of renovations we have once again began the task of bringing this little gem of a track back to life.

In 2023 the Mini-Way has been resurrected as the Kingsport Kartway.  The Kart-way is now home to racing divisions including Juiceboxes, Go-Karts of every type, INEX Bandoleros, and INEX Legends. 

We hope this is the place where the future stars of tomorrow first get that first itch for competion, and start their future careers in racing.

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